Aly Drummond

Aly Drummond is an actor and producer who began her career at an early age with numerous roles in independent Canadian theatre. A prolific member of the McGill University theatre department in the 1990's, Aly has taught acting, was a founding member of the Montréal Fringe Festival, and studied with the British American Drama Academy in Oxford.

In the late 90s Aly discovered the Internet and veered into the new and unanticipated world of Internet marketing where she became a pioneer in online business development, a prominent public speaker at events across North America, and the host of two online talk shows (pre-YouTube).

Aly is a co-producer of 'Heart, Baby!' and 'Eagle and the Albatross', as well as an actor in 'Eagle and the Albatross' and 'Dark Harbor', due for release in 2019.

She has collaborated on projects with Angela Shelton since 2006.