Justice Leak

Following a chance audition his senior year, Justice Leak began his acting career with two American College Theatre Festival Award nominated performances for his work in Our Country’s Good and the American classic, The Crucible. Soon he would get the attention of Hollywood when Denzel Washington cast him in the Oprah Winfrey produced and Golden Globe nominated film, The Great Debaters. After guest starring in various American crime dramas, Justice began to get the reputation for playing dark, sometimes brutal characters. This lead to his role as the nefarious scalp-collecting “Cager” on AMC’s period thriller, TURN: Washington Spies. Currently filming the second season of the hit comic book series POWERS, Justice takes on his most love-to-hate character to date as the always brash, never brave, “Detective Kutter.” And while POWERS was his first foray into graphic novels, it wouldn’t be his last. Today Justice populates many of the comic book adaptations of television’s biggest shows like the knife-wielding Terminus Butcher in The Walking Dead, the slain son of the merciless Heretics in The Vampire Diaries and most recently bringing to life for the first time in the history of DC Comics, the super villain Hellgrammite for CBS’s newest hit drama, Supergirl.

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