Shawn-Caulin Young

Shawn-Caulin Young is a proud LGBTQ American actor, writer, director and producer of film and TV. Raised in the world of professional horse racing, Young grew up poor, the youngest of four, in a doublewide trailer in the desert outskirts of Farmington, New Mexico - a predominantly Navajo and Latino community.

Upon discovering his love for storytelling in high school, Young auditioned for conservatory training and relocated to Connecticut to pursue a BFA in Acting from the prestigious performing arts conservatory, The Hartt School (UHA). After classically training in England, he graduated from Hartt with top honors and moved to New York City where he began his career in film and television.

“Discovered” by Victoria Burrows & Scot Boland during the casting process for a live-action remake of The Yellow Submarine- the beloved Beatles’ cartoon. Second only to Cary Elwes, director Robert Zemeckis selected him from an international talent pool to play famed guitarist, George Harrison. Best known for his distinctive character roles on hit shows like Godless, Santa Clarita Diet, and True Detective, Shawn was most recently celebrated for his poignant and award winning portrayal of a real-life transgender inmate and drug addict in Angela Shelton's critically acclaimed, award-winning feature film, Heart, Baby! (2018).

An experienced horseman and lover-of-life, Shawn-Caulin enjoys spending his spare time coaching and mentoring young artists in the art of storytelling and filmmaking.

His mission as a storyteller is to create cinematic experiences that will not only entertain, but wake audiences up to what innately connects and separates us all as human beings.

Read Shawn’s experience living as a trans woman on his website.

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