Featured twice in Heart, Baby!, this original recording of the song, Full of Colors, was recorded inside the confines of prison walls in Nashville, TN in 1983.  The song was co-written and performed by two real-life inmates at the time: Doug (a cisgender male), and Crystal (a transgender female).

Born in the late 1960s with the given name of Timothy, Crystal was raised in an extremely wealthy and very religious household in Nashville, Tennessee. Embarrassed and ashamed, Crystal's family chose to hide her away by creating fake drug charges for which she was punished with an extreme 50 year-to-life sentence. To make matters worse they erased all evidence of her, and even paid to have her booked into the Department of Corrections under a false identity in order to protect the family name.

Despite being abandoned and erased by her biological family, Crystal was a true purveyor of love and a devout believer in Jesus Christ. Luckily her legacy lives on, remembered in the hearts of her fellow inmates and friends who cherished her love, friendship, generous spirit, and undying faith.

All of Crystal’s proceeds from this song will be donated to the National Center for Transgender Equality.