John David Allen

Based in New York city, John has edited over 20 feature films in a wide variety of genres, as well as TV dramas and award-winning short films. A member of the ACE, John just completed work on Bette Gordon’s THE DROWNING, a psychological thriller starring Josh Charles and Julia Stiles; and William Monahan’s MOJAVE, a thriller with Oscar Isaacs and Garrett Hedlund released by A24.

John has edited five Merchant Ivory films, including THE GOLDEN BOWL, LE DIVORCE, THE WHITE COUNTESS, and CITY OF YOUR FINAL DESTINATION for James Ivory, and COTTON MARY for Ismail Merchant. For director Bruce Beresford he edited PEACE LOVE AND MISUNDERSTANDING and the A&E/Lifetime/History miniseries BONNIE & CLYDE. John is the director of numerous short films, including LOVE AND ROADKILL, which screened at more than 15 international film festivals in 2009.