Executive Producer

Michele Borislow

Michele Borislow is an entrepreneur and investor. Michele began her career in 1987 as a Pharmaceutical/ Medical Sales Representative and worked in that field for 11 years. In 1990, Michele became a sales consultant in a start up telecommunications company, Tel-Save, and helped to bring the company public. In 2004, Michele became a sales and marketing consultant in another start up company, Magicjack, and helped to bring that company public.

Michele earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Care Administration from Temple University in 1987.

Michele was awarded Top Sales Producer from Glaxo Pharmaceuticals and chosen to participate in an exclusive Management Training Program awarded to only a few Sales Representatives.

Michele has served on the board of Private Educational Schools in Florida, and has also worked at several Charitable organizations such as March of Dimes, Foreverglades and The Palm Beach Police Department.

Michele currently lives in Palm Beach, Florida